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BSF Soldier Singing ‘Sandese Aate Hai’. Video Goes Viral


BSF Soldier Singing ‘Sandese Aate Hai’. Video Goes Viral

Hello readers, Let me ask one question to you. Were you a fan of Sunny Deol in childhood? Yes/ No? Well it does not matter, but i bet you guys that you must have remember a movie named “Border”. Yes? okay. Then, I bet you guys once again that you have heard the famous song ‘Sandese Aate Hai’ million times. Yes? Remember the lyrics?

“Sandese Aate Hain
Humein Tadpaate Hain
To Chitthi Aati Hai
To Poochh Jaati Hai
Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge…
Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge…
Likho Kab Aaoge…
Ki Tum Bin Ye Ghar Soona Soona Hai”.

Oh, Why I’m talking about this today because, with a soulful and amazing smile on his face, this BSF soldier sings the song ‘Sandese Aate Hai’. The Noticeable thing on video is that, he is a real soldier and in the video, we can see he is singing the famous patriotic song on duty.

This video goes viral on social media. Have a look on video and listen to him. You will feel glad after this as I’m feeling.

Really, this man has touched millions of hearts in india.

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