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DC Upcoming Movies and release date Calendar for India


DC Upcoming Movies and release date Calendar for India

Hello People . Does not matter if you are fan of MARVEL or DC COMICS. But we know that you all will eager to know about Superhero Movie and the release date.


So you dont have to seach name by name, index by index . i am going to present all the DCEU upcomming movie release date calendar for you.

Happy time for DC Comics fan?? haha I know, I know DC Fans you don’t have to be underground more because of Justice League. And not only Batman Trilogy is only praise debate for you. Well here are the dates below of all DCEU upcoming Movies . Check it out:

AQUAMAN : December 14, 2018


James won directed Aquaman has been already in theatre while i am writing the post. The movie released with rich ingredients of Colorful and amazing Special Effects, superb soundtrack and especially tremendous Action and fight sequences. So what are you waiting for just go to booking for the Aquaman.

SHAZAM : April 5, 2019


Till now we all know the ‘Shazam’ in only DC Comics but time to see ‘Shazam’ on Big Screen. Dc’s Shazam starring Zachary Levi the movie first trailer is already released on YouTube. The Upcoming Movie will be tell story about a young boy who transformed into superhero ‘Shazam’.

JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 : June 14, 2019

On november month 2017, the first part Justice League were came with high expectations that atleast movie will bump out the MARVEL’s Avengers . But DCEU is failed to do so.
Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller will be the cast, and Zack Snyder is again directing this movie. Hopefully Zack will not dispoint us as he previously did with the part of the Justice League. 

JOKER : October 4, 2019


“World without no rules”- “The Joker” , Bigest Villain of DC Universe & Batman is finally getting own movies. The Joker will be going to directed by Todd Phillips (the man who created war dogs and Hangover . The movie has simple name “The Joker”. Not need to mention that obviously movie genre will be fantasy and crime. Joker is obsessed with crime as we seen in Batman : Dark knight. This movie will be greatest expectations of fans (does not matter he/she is MARVEL or DCEU fan. the movie budget is : 5.5 crores USD

CYBORG : April 3, 2020


Its sound coming from Worner Bros is Cyborg will be release in year of 2020. For this duplicate IRON MAN sorry i mean Cyborg WB has casted in Ray Fisher. In the Justice League part one we have already seen Emotioal Cyborg. so we can expect the new fresh Cyborg in year of 2020 which we know him in as Comic Book.

THE FLASH : Year 2020


“My Name Is Berry Allen and I’m The Fastest Man Alive… ” how many time we have seen this paticular intro in FLASH web series, but still not satisfied. Webseries Flash has different storyline. But talking about his particular movies, there must be chances that Berry Allen will come with different storyline but with same concept of herioc activity. But especially We all know Dc is always named the dark universe, so what we can expect the Flash or his flash point will be filmed in dark category or not as batman and superman was.



WONDER WOMEN 2 : June 5, 2020


If we talk about most recent acclaimed movie of DCEU, then Wonder Women will win the race. The reason is film gets huge support and acclaimed by the critics. According to Rotten Tomatoes the film is 93% fresh. Well everybody love to see Gal Gadot to delivering the action scene on big screen .

SUICIDE SQUAD 2 : Year 2020


There is no release date for this badass team but yes here is the confirmation that shooting will be start in year of 2018. DCEU does not announced any dates because all the sign showing that dates are assigned to SHAZAM and WONDER WOMEN 2. One thing more you will get a moment of happiness that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will get a chance for his introduction in Suicide Squad 2



We all are aware of flash’s flashpoint story . The movie will be based on same story but with different concept. As we seen in FLASH Web Series how Barry Allen stuck in flashpoint but we’re sure that movie will be more than this story. The film is going to directed by Jonathan Goldsten and Jon Francis Daley .



David Ayer dates are busy with GOTHAM CITY SIRENS . He is creating
Harley Quinn and friends “girl gang” movie. David ayer is going to expand DCEU Movie . Suicide Squad is kind of movie in which people got to know about whole den of villains, especially Batman rogues The Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and Deadshot . So People , get ready because table is going to be turn . The timing is coming where you should spent 3 hours with a female villain movie named Gotham City Sirens. Movie will be based on the DC comics and one more update is Margot Robbie, who is the highlight of Suicide Squad, She will return as Harley Quinn in Movie.



Not much information but Batgirl will be supposed to produce and directed by Joss Whedon. We will sure inform you if we get any information regarding this movie.



Not any official announcement by DCEU so be satisfied with its Web Series. WE will let you know.

So thats it for this post , we will see you in next one. but hey wait don’t forget to share this one to your Marvel and DC supporter friends. Social Links are down Below. see ya …

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