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Movie Review: Zero


Movie Review: Zero

The first teaser of Zero came on January 1, 2018. Since then fans of  Shahrukh was waiting for the movie. What can be found in this wait?

In 2018, Salman starrer ‘Race-3’ and ‘Aamir’ starrer the ‘Thugs of Hindustan’. The description of these two films was really less and the criticism was so much. Shahrukh,who is King Khan came with ‘Zero’ movie with Anushka and Katrina, the top heroines of the bollywood industry. Talented co-stars like Zeeshan and Tigmanshu Dhulia &  A superb talented director like Anand Lai Rai. Regardless of this, it does not make much of a difference.

Yes I am big fan of Shahrukh Khan and i have watch movie like ‘goddu’, Dushman Duniya Ke and “Zamanana” especially “Dilwale” . and i always try to be honest while reviewing a movie of King Khan. So readers i will try not to be biased for srk in this review. So lets begin without wasting any time.

What can be seen?

Shahrukh Khan. Dammm the energy level of King Khan can’t be describe in words ! In First Half, Baua Singh, who is a dwarf man but Baua Singh has not suffered from any inferiority complex due to his physical weakness. Even he celebrates dwarf ability. Keeps the type of attitude from the “Duniya mere thenge se”. Actress Babita is crazy for Kumari. At the same time Scientist Afriya breaks down the stars to impress Yusufzai.

If you are looking something good in the movie, all is in the first half. A beautifully filmed song ‘Mere Naam Tu’ It has become so tremendous that the mind doesnot stop crooning . In this song, there is a glance of the nineteen and the upcommimg years of that King Khan, whose world was spread in his arms.

Irshad Kamil wrote magnificent songs. Ajay-Atul’s music not up to mark or we can say not suit to  his standard. One or two songs have become very good. In the First Half, Muhammad Zishan did the best infact amazing supporting act. If you are looking for best punches in movie , all of them will come into first part of movie. Meerut’s tone are so tickle that you will definitely gonna enjoy. Altogether, First Half is said to be great.

All Counted Mess

All the mess is in the second half and that mess is really strong one. It just like a that the iceberg collides with the Titanic and the ship sinks to its full beauty. The story of Meerut is fittable in digestive system of mind till Mumbai, but when you come to the US, you start feeling excited. After one, a lot of illogical sounds start to decrease that after one time you stop brain tapping. You will start feeling whatever is being done on the screen, quickly finish it, so that you can go home. It seems as if you have seen two films in the same ticket. One before interval & One after the interval.

One thing everybody know very well that we can not expect a great movie from a Bollywood, but atleast you can expect a little logic from the ‘Zero’ project. Readers I can describe my point here by giving examples of many scenes but all of them will come in the spoilers. So go and see yourself.

Shah Rukh takes the maximum marks on the Acting. Katrina is also Okay Okay Zeeshan is superb and Anushka is the weakest link. Why did Tigmanshu is in the film? Really i am Still thinking.

Overall, ‘Zero’ can be projected so that the children will be happy and will be tolerated by Die Hard Shahrukh Khan. The rest decide by looking at yourself.

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