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PUBG Fans Can Get New UPDATE, ZOMBIE MODE Will Come!


PUBG Fans Can Get New UPDATE, ZOMBIE MODE Will Come!

After the PUBG arrival in India, there has been a lot of excitement in the people. This game really proved that its a top game in battle royal genre. In between, it was reported that some people had to face serious problems because of this and after this it was also demanded to ban in India. However, fans are always excited for each of its update.

It has been reported online, that PUBG will come with its new season 0.10.5 update in which ZOMBIE MODE will be given to increase the thrill of the game. Those who play PUBG Mobile games, they always remain passionate about this and eagerly wait for its updates. Now it will be very interesting to see what the fans get in the new updates.

pic credit – PC Gamer

Fourth season is about to end. Previous year, it was said that the game will come soon in Zombies mode but there was no such update in the fourth season. Apart from this, it was also said that these new upgrades can also include updates to Apocalypse themes, outfits, skins and new weapons.

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