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Secure your WhatsApp chat if the phone is lost, Otherwise, it may lead to heavy losses


Secure your WhatsApp chat if the phone is lost, Otherwise, it may lead to heavy losses

WhatsApp has become an important part of our life, as soon as we get a new phone, we install WhatsApp. People do more than half their work with the help of Whatsapp, but have you ever wondered what will happen to your Whatsapp chat if you lose your phone, which also includes your private and personal information.

However, you do not need to panic, because today we are going to tell you some ways that you can secure your Whatsapp chat even after losing the phone so that no one can read it.

Let’s know what you have to do to regain your Whatsapp.

>>Lock your SIM card – If your phone is lost then first call your mobile service provider and block the SIM. Doing so, nobody will be able to validate your Whatsapp account and will not have access to your Whatsapp app.

>>After the SIM is blocked, take a new SIM on the same number and then activate your WhatsApp app again.

>>One thing to keep in mind is that WhatsApp is activated only on one device from just one number at a time.

>>If you don’t want to activate your Whatsapp by taking a new SIM, then mail it to [email protected] Write your number completely in the international format in this mail and type “Lost / Stolen: Please deactivate my account” in the mail body and mail it. After doing this, your WhatsApp account will be deactivated.

>>People who know you can message for 30 days which will be pending.

>>If you re-activate your account before deleting it, then you will get the pending message in your new phone and you will also be associated with the groups.

>>If you do not deactivate your account in 30 days, then it will be completely deleted.

>>After the SIM card is locked, after the phone service is disabled, if you have not deactivated it, then Whatsapp can be used via WiFi.

So, above are the steps to follow to secure your WhatsApp chat even after your phone is lost. WhatsApp does not help to find your lost phone. You can only secure your chats.

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