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This Is What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality


This Is What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality

It is often said that if you want to peak into someone’s personality, you should watch them sleep. We all have a different sleeping position, but what we don’t know is that it can actually reveal a lot about our inner-self and even our health in short our personality.

Below are some of the most common sleep positions. See if you can find yours and learn what your sleep style says about your personality.

#1 The Fetal Position

pic credit – Face Of Malawi

The fetal position is when a person sleeps on their side with their legs curled up underneath them.

Also known as the ‘curling up like a baby’ position, since we all did this once in the womb. It is one of the most popular sleeping positions.

Sleeping on your side in the baby position is also the best position for, funnily enough, when you are pregnant. Sleeping on your left side improves circulation to your baby while preventing your uterus from pressing against your liver. 

Personality Traits: If you are someone who sleeps in a fetal position, you may be a gullible person who is tough on the outside, but a huge softy on the inside. They typically are shy when you first meet them and take time to open up, but once they open up they are relaxed and comfortable.

#2 The Skydiver Position

pic credit – Longbeds

The Skydivers sleeps on their stomachs on, head to one side, with their arms wrapped behind the pillow.

Also known as Freefaller position. It is the least common type of sleeping position. The Skydiver position may sound like an adventure, but it is actually one of the worst ways of sleeping as it increases the risk of neck and back pain. It can prove to be harmful to pregnant women as well.

Personality Traits: If you are someone who sleeps on his/her tummy, you may be a very amicable person and have open, playful, and downright fun personalities. They tend to be risk takers. They are usually to-the-point with what they want, but sometimes this comes off as brash. They do not like being criticized as they are really insecure on the inside.

#3 The Log Position

pic credit – steemit

The log position is when a person rests on their sides, legs extended straight and arms in place.

This position keeps your neck and back in alignment, making it one of the best positions for back pain and neck pain. You can also add a pillow or blanket between your knees in this position to help ease any discomfort.

Personality Traits: Log sleepers are typically social butterflies and easygoing people. They are friendly,trust-worthy and gullible which makes them easy targets for people who want to cheat them.

#4 The Yearner position

pic credit – Wow Amazing

The Yearner is the position where you sleep on your side, but have your arms stretched out in front of you.

Personality Traits: People who sleep like this are a little complicated, they are open-minded, yet cynical; slow and suspicious when making a decision, but stick to it once their minds are made up.

#5 The Soldier Position

pic credit – 22 Words

A person that sleeps in soldier position sleeps on their back, with their arms straight down at their side.

The sleepy soldier position is one helps a good mattress do its job. It is one of the best positions out there because it allows your back and neck to be in their proper alignment, especially if you aren’t using many pillows.

Personality Traits: People who sleep on their back are strong, silent, reserved, focused, partially introvert and they do not like a big fuss.

#6 The Starfish Position

pic credit – Miracle Wedge Pillow

They lie on their backs with legs stretched out, their arms stretched up beyond their head.

This sleeping position is the least popular sleeping style. The starfish sleepers spread out over the entire bed, comfortable and carefree.

Personality Traits: Starfish sleepers are loyal and always make friendship a great priority. They do not like being the center of attention, in short, they keep themselves away from the limelight.

#7 The Pillow Hugger Position

In this position, a person sleeps by hugging a pillow.

Personality Traits: If you are someone who just cannot sleep without cuddling a pillow, you just might be a happy-go-lucky person, who tends to give a lot of importance to the relationships in his/her life. You are a really helpful person

#8 The Stargazer Position

pic credit – Sleepie

Stargazer sleepers lie on their back with their arms wrapped around their head.

Personality Traits: Their personality is similar to pillow hugger as they make their friends a priority.

#9 The Thinker Position

Last but not least, this position is similar to the fetal position, except you’ll always have a hand gently resting on your chin.

Personality Traits: They are emotional and tend to vary between two extremes.

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