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Will Thanos Die In Endgame?


Will Thanos Die In Endgame?

So, Guys, we are in the end game now. We can say Death and Thanos are completely linked, but the question arises that whether the Mad Titan might actually meet his demise in Avengers: Endgame is not so clear as it may seem. There are hundreds of reasons we could see his anarchy life come to an end in Endgame… But if we argument on these things, is also quite cool. So let us Begin.

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If we talk about the comics version of the snap that wipes out half of all life. But in the movie, it’s completely different, because In the movie it doesn’t happen at the end of 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet comics. But some parts of the movie is actually partial meet to phenomena like with Thanos acquiring the Infinity Gems — occurs in the prequel comic Thanos Quest. Also End game is not the end of the story if we compare to comics.

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Coming to the battle scene in space, If you are aware of the issue of the comic of 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet then it ends with the defeat of Thanos Not to his death because in the comics Thanos was busy in defeating remaining assembled superheroes from Earth, Especially after a long delay, Thanos loses possession of the gauntlet and it becomes of somethings which like to be super powerful basketball. Nebula is the girl who is the first one to recover it. And then Nebula started to kill all mighty superheroes after that Thanos has to join the revived superheroes army to get gauntlet from her. Eventually, Then Adam Warlock takes possession of it, and he blasts Thanos into space, where the Mad Titan seemingly explodes

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In the deep down of comics heart, we found an amazing question that What really happens is Thanos sent 60 days into the future, He lived with fuzzy memory in the head at the unnamed planet. Thanos remembers his failures, though, and he promises Warlock that he will lead a “quiet life” as a farmer. Yes, we agree with the Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t perfectly mirror 1991s Comics Infinity Gauntlet’s story, but it mirrors slightly enough which is giving the sign that End game will recreate that particular moment.

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